We look forward to meeting you! 

- Dr. Accruso

Our Book On How Busy People Can Get And Stay Healthy

The information in this book literally saved my life.

- Steve Linder, Founder of SRI University

Finally, lets talk about lifestyle strategies.

THIS is at the CORE of what Designer Health Centers is about!

There are 2 steps to upgrade your life to “superhuman”:

      1.  Substitute energy depleting unhealthy habits for healthier habits

      2.  Inject new high performance habits into your life (I call this the multiplier)

I’ve seen countless people exponentially multiply their health by following these two simple steps above.

I know what you may be thinking, “Adopting new patterns of behavior isn’t simple!”

What my busy clients love to hear is that in order to make it sustainable in the long term… it has to be simple (or else you won’t do it!)

There are hundreds of very powerful lifestyle strategies that would fit seamlessly into your busy day, week and month to boost:

Surely you can relate. You walk out of the office with a prescription, supplement or drug sample knowing that this isn’t going to address the underlying cause of the issues you’re dealing with. It only masks symptoms.

Am I right?

If you have a headache, or some sort of pain, they give you pain killers.

I know this may sound crazy, but if you had a fire in your house, would you want the fire fighters to simply pull the batteries out of the fire alarm so you’re not irritated by the sound?

Of course not. That would be crazy right?

Yet we constantly treat symptoms (fire alarms) without addressing the underlying causes of the problem (the fire).

Treating symptoms puts you at a much greater risk!

It’s like deferring a debt you may have… you can keep deferring those interest payments, but soon enough you’re going to have to pay... and the sooner you wipe out that debt, the better.  

But it’s not that black and white is it? 

Because of all the damaging factors we are being exposed to the digestive system becomes compromised. This enables unhealthy bacteria to flourish causing hormone dysregulation, fatigue and weight gain. 

Furthermore, stress hormones cause a decrease in optimal gut health. Endulging in sweets and alcohol feed those unhealthy bacteria which can further any health challenges you may have.  

Medications Deplete Your Body




You could drop dead of a heart attack and "feel fine".


The Future of Healthcare Is In Prevention & Habit Transformation.


Read this…

… it will save you time, AND…

It could save your life. (I’m dead serious)

When you walk into a doctor’s office what is the typical experience? It’s normally a cold atmosphere, the doctor is rushed and you end up getting a one-size-fits-all symptoms based treatment.


The problem with comparing our health to finances is that we can “feel fine” and yet be accumulating a massive amount of “health debt” without even knowing. Why do you think 1 in 2 people die from their first heart attack without warning? Why do you think most people that get diagnosed with stage 4 cancer never had a sign or symptom before hand?

You can feel great, but how you “feel” doesn’t matter… what matters is how you function (which I will show you how to determine very soon).

One painkiller may take your pain away (silencing the fire alarm) but it’s also depleting your body of the most powerful cancer fighting and diabetes preventing anti-oxidant in your body called glutathione. Painkillers also crush vitamin E levels among others vitamins.

This isn’t just painkillers… there are severe micronutrient deficiencies that get created from every medication you’re on.

… I know what you may be thinking… “Well, that’s why I take my supplements and have been to an alternative doctor.”

Most alternative doctors are using the cloak of “functional medicine” to sell more supplements (substituting supplements for medications to treat symptoms)… Same problem.

What you may not know is that most supplements are ineffective within the body as they are made of cheap “analog” or “synthetic” substances that aren’t the same molecular structure as what is found in nature.

Because the body doesn’t recognize them you end up urinating the majority of them out of your body.

Essentially the money you spend on these supplements turn into expensive pee! (I have empirically validated this through hundreds of intra-cellular micronutrient lab tests of supplement taking junkies that come up deficient in the very vitamins they are taking!).


My first point is, for the most part, the alternative and medical healthcare systems are broken and people aren’t getting the care they deserve (Especially when it comes to concierge services as you will see in a second).

If you want to get ahead in life… if you want a thriving career, amazing relationships and the experience and joy of aging gracefully in great health…

… then you NEED to avoid the 3 factors that block you from maximizing your potential. 


By avoiding and removing these 3 factors, you will not just save money in the long-term (as you will see) but you will create MORE TIME by living a plethora of high-quality years on this earth.

Here is what I call the 3 hidden “COMPOUNDING FACTORS” that steal your health, energy and vitality!

These factors magnify any symptom or disease susceptibilities that you may have.

#1. Toxicities 

Both environmental toxins (non-living) & bio-toxins (living) that act as “super free-radicals” causing damage in the cells, draining your health and energy.

#2. Deficiencies 

From over exercising, eating nutrient depleted foods and taking improper supplements you may be deficient in certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and other micro-nutrients essential for disease prevention and high performance (again… most people I test around the world have major deficiencies they don’t even know about). 

#3. Lifestyle Strategies

The things you do each day that you don’t even realize are stealing the gift of experiencing the high performance life you deserve.

NOW… sprinkle a busy lifestyle and some stress on top of that… and you’ve got the perfect storm.

It’s no wonder I see so many people come back with adrenal fatigue and even adrenal failure on their hormone panels

… and why I see so many people come back with certain neuro-transmitter deficiencies in their brain, which are essential for optimal health and happiness. 

This brings me to my next point…

What is a cow suppose to eat? GRASS! Yet feedlots are force-feeding these poor animals with high pesticide ridden GMO corn and grains!

When chickens and cows are force-fed these toxins, they become predominantly comprised of omega-6. Because of this, most Americans’ omega 6 to omega-3 ratio is 25:1 when it should be 3:1… THIS my friends causes a massive amount of energy-depleting inflammation within the body leading to many of the diseases and disorders of the 21st century.

What about the fish you’re eating? If it’s not fresh water fish, then you’re getting “feedlot” fish often fed… you guessed it! Pesticide ridden GMO corn and grains.

On top of that, dirty coal is being burnt into the atmosphere from places like China, Brazil and India causing our fish to become contaminated with high levels of methyl-mercury among other toxins. 

Think about it…

When you eat out at restaurants, unless it’s a “farm-to-table” you’re getting pesticide ridden GMO foods.

Pesticides kill pests by blocking them from getting essential nutrients and causing their internal organs to explode. Unfortunately pesticides also block these essential nutrients from getting into your food while at the same time causing toxicity to your body.

The most heavily sprayed crops are GMO corn and grains.

I’m not saying you should never go out to eat (my clients and I do all the time). There are simple strategies for eating out in a healthy way. What I am exposing is the truth that you need to hear.

THIS IS WHY I SEE so many people come back with elevated levels of mercury and lead on their environmental toxicities lab test results!


These toxins can bio-accumulate (stock-pile) in your body. They cause damage to your cells, tissues and organs and are linked to:

If you live in a big city, the air you inhale into your lungs every day is also toxic. (Your ancestors didn’t have to deal with this).

What you may NOT know is this… Air quality has been shown to be 10x’s more toxic in the home then outside of the home due to all of the chemicals they put in our cleaning agents, the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that off-gas from our new TV’s, filing cabinets and carpets.

This isn’t even mentioning the toxins that have stockpiled inside of your body as a child or even a fetus.

You’re probably thinking, “Dr. Accurso, you can’t be serious!?”

I’m dead serious. In a recent study, they found an average of 287 toxins and chemicals in the umbellical cord blood that is going directly into the fetus. Get this… over 180 of them were carcinogenic.




Ultimately, environmental toxins block high performance, cause a decrease in your productivity and brain function.

Your brain and body isn’t running as “clean” and therefore you lose valuable time, feeling worse as time passes.

You may not realize that in order for you body to run like a well oiled machine, you need to have an optimally functioning digestive system.  

  Alzheimer’s                                Cardiovascular Disease     

  Cancer                                       Chronic Fatigue & Low Energy    

 Hormone Dysregulation (Causing Stress)

  GI Problems                               Brain Fog    

 Sleeping Problems                      Infertility

 Hyperactivity                               Skin Problems (such as Eczema)  

  Weight Gain                               Weight Loss Resistance 

 Joint Pain & Inflammation           AND THE LIST GOES ON…



Overgrowth of energy depleting unhealthy bacteria. 

When you maximize your gut health, you help to increase energy, accererate weight loss and optimize the uptake of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

Another reason why people have micronutrient deficiencies is because their digestive systems are shot (whether they have symptoms or not). 


                    Focus & Mental Clarity                          Peace & Happiness

                    Energy & Vitality                                    Strength & Tonality

                    Painlessness & Flexibility                      Rest & Rejuvenation



I call these “executive lifestyle strategies” because even my busy executive clients can do them.

The problem is… you most likely don’t know which ones would work best for you (healthy lifestyle strategies vary from person to person and need customization).

Furthermore, which ones should you tackle first?

It’s not just about having the knowledge of these lifestyle strategies… it’s about having an expert helping you hand-pick the specific strategies that will take your health, energy and performance to the next level.

Like most of my clients, you probably don’t know what you don’t know. You’ve got blind spots in your lifestyle that are blocking you from the life you deserve to live!

This is why the best athletes in the world hire coaches.

You know this…

Anyone that wants to perform at a high level in business, work, sport and life, hires people to help customize their approach to excellence… saving you years of time!


And when it comes to your health, the sooner you start the better (it’s never too late!).

The proper implementation of these lifestyle strategies may be the difference between doubling or quadrupling your energy and body performance. 


So you take the 3 compounding, energy-depleting, weight gaining, disease-causing factors:

#1. Toxicities

#2. Deficiencies

#3. Poor Lifestyle Strategies

… and you sprinkle the stress of a busy lifestyle… you’ve got the perfect storm.


Slowly, your energy starts to fade, you start gaining a little weight and you don’t have that same zest for life you once had.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of having too much stress:

The “stress response” gland is your adrenal gland. This gland relies on micronutrients to produce stress hormones.


Stress depletes the following micronutrients, which are related to specific symptoms:

Stress depletes Vitamin C, which is linked to fatigue, easy bruising, joint pain, muscle fatigue and low immunity.

Stress depletes Vitamin E, which is linked to hormone imbalances, mood swings, low immunity and eye-sight degradation.

Stress depletes Calcium, which is linked to nervous irritability (anxiety), muscle spasms and twitching, bone loss issues (osteoporosis and osteopenia), cavities, depression and hypertension.

 Stress depletes Magnesium, which is linked to arrhythmias, dizziness, muscle twitching, hyperirritability, tiredness, depression and hypertension.

5.  Stress depletes Chromium, which is linked to blood sugar issues, metabolic syndrome, fatigue and brain fog.

 Stress depletes Zinc, which is linked to low energy, dermatitis, ance, decreased immunity, alopecia, digestive issues, white spots on fingernails, infertility.

7.  Stress depletes Glutathione, which is linked to high cholesterol, plaque formation, high blood pressure, rapid aging, immunosuppression, increased inflammation and pain.

The deficiencies of thes micronutrients put you at greater risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and neurodegenerative disease (such as Alzheimer's).

The strategies that will transform your health and life, are as unique to you as your fingerprint.

A customized approach to health is the healthcare of the future!

But the good news is… You can get it NOW!

Whether you live in America, or anywhere else in the world… 

A Customized Approach Is The Healthcare Of The Future.

Your Solution!

The Way Successful Millionaires & Billionaires Think About Their Health (Similar To How They Invest Their Money) 

I don’t work with hundreds of billionaires, just one. I do however work with dozens of successful multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and executives. The way they think about their health is similar to the way they think about their money:

#1. They get compounding returns – They know that the sooner they invest their money into things that return, the more money they will have to do the things they love. The wise ones are also addicted to the feeling of financial security.

#2. They make their money work for them They may put in long hours and a lot of time, but eventually the money they save and invest starts working for them.

#3. They invest into themselves! – They read books regularly; they go to seminars, educational events and invest into social clubs.


They also know that if they are dead, then all the money in the world means nothing. They understand that maximized health is the true wealth!

This is why they choose a customized approach to upgrade their performance and prevent disease.

This is the future of healthcare. 

If you think like they think, you’ll most likely want to get a one on one high performance consultation with me. After working with high performing executives and entrepreneurs around the world, here are some things that they also know to be true:

#1. Optimal health creates compounding returns – When you remove toxic interferences, create micronutrient sufficiencies and inject a few powerful lifestyle strategies into your life, the energy and enjoyment in your life returns far more than what money could ever provide.

#2. You can also make your health work for you – Most people wait till it’s too late before they take care of themselves (although my colleagues and I are still getting amazing results with terminal illnesses). When you take

care of yourself now, the energy, mental clarity and focus you get helps you become more productive, helping you get more done in less time. Essentially, your optimal health is working for you.

#3. Investing into your health is the most important investment you will ever make – The most important thing in your life is your health. You may say it’s a loved one, but if you’re dead, then you can’t be there for them. True wealth is health, and optimal health multiplies every other aspect of your mission and life.

That’s why I’m inviting you to connect with me one on one, no matter where you are in the world to receive a cutting-edge High Performance Consultation. 

Wouldn't you want more energy, more time and to feel like you did 10 years ago?

Wouldn’t you want this doctor to address more than just symptoms?

After all, don’t you want to avoid dying without warning or having humiliating health issues?

And don’t you want to maintain your position and/or growth at your work or in your business?

What You Will Get With Your One-On-One Customized High Performance Health Consultation

What would your dream doctor look like?

Would he or she be service centered, available to truly understand your problems, and come up with customized life changing solutions?

Would he or she be focused on helping you inject some powerful lifestyle strategies into your life to boost energy, brain function and help you get the body of your dreams?

Would he or she be well connected to the top doctors, health experts and cutting edge health solutions around the world?

Dr. Matt Accurso

My company, Designer Health Centers, is focused on bringing the best concierge healthcare to busy people around the world. We strive to give the healthcare experience that you’re looking for:

… As you may know, Harvard research has shown that the #1 cause of bankruptcy in America is due to medical expenses (both personal and business).


Here is what you will get in your High Performance Health Consultation:

45-minutes of High Performance Health Goodness with Dr. Accurso (me). I will have reviewed your analysis prior to the call so I can add as much value to you as possible. Connect with me from anywhere in the world via video conferencing. 

Personality profiling to customize steps for health implementation (everyone is different keeping in mind the foundational frame work of habit transformation).

Peak Performance Health Analysis – Uncover many of the hidden areas that are blocking you from experiencing high performance.

Uncover the top 3 things blocking you from maximizing your performance, getting to your ideal weight and increasing your energy.

Reveal the top 3 action steps that you need to take (and sub steps for each) that will render the fastest results and be your biggest WINS.

Follow-up Email of me reviewing the essential action steps for your convencience. 

Customized lab test recommendations (optional for those that want access to the most cutting edge lab tests available).

The solutions you will get from this consultation may only take you a few minutes per day to implement, but have the potential to double or even triple your energy along with helping you get the body of your dreams.

You’ve probably never had a doctor invest 45 minutes of high quality time with you, have you?

Environmental Toxicities Lab

Comprehensive Hormone Panel

Micronutrients Deficiencies Lab

Digestive Health Complete

Advanced Heart Disease Panel

Food Allergies Immuno-Lab

And Many More...

Anti-Aging Genetics Test

Brain Optimization Lab

That’s what you deserve!

You can invest a little now or…

… spend A LOT later…

According to the research, if you were in a room with 100 people, 50 of them will die prematurely of heart disease, 25 of them will die prematurely from cancer and stroke and neurological diseases cause damage in many of the remaining 25 people.

Where could you potentially fall in?

As you know by now, these diseases start 10 to even 50 years before they kill. 


Can You Afford Not To Invest Into This?

This is what COULD BE AVOIDED by investing into yourself now...

But you do have options.


And if you do end up dying from one of these conditions… it typically rips money out of your hand the years leading up to your death.



Here Are Your Options
(This Is A Life Altering Decision)

You do have a choice, it’s just a matter of what direction you want to head in.


#1. Traditional Medical Approach 

This type of care is excellent for emergency situations (Ex: if you severed a limb), however, it rarely, if ever helps you maximize your performance long-term. This symptoms-based “treat the effect” system  is really good at addressing symptoms but it’s not very good at creating life enhancing health strategies. (Remember, the average doctor has 1 hour worth of nutrition training).


#2. Alternative Healthcare 

Most chiropractors, naturopaths and homeopaths focus on treating the symptom with an adjustment, remedy or supplement, and typically never spend enough time with you to customize the best health approach and help you get the results you deserve.


#3. Concierge Medicine

I’m going to tell it to you like it is. This is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” industry. There are hundreds of doctors each month flooding into this type of practice as it affords a cushier lifestyle and there’s more money to be made. Here are the 2 main benefits of concierge medicine:

Smaller practice size, so you get appointments quickly

Get slightly more time with the doctor than traditional practice


#4. Performance Concierge Healthcare 

This is what I do. Energy, Focus, Fat-loss and Flow live here. We focus on creating long-term sustainable “epigenetic” change by removing the 3 compounding factors. We infuse custom, quality micronutrients into your body to create sufficiencies and we remove toxicities. This creates purity and power on a cellular level. On top of that we help you integrate lifestyle strategies that will save you time and truly upgrade your life to high performance!


Here are the issues with concierge medicine.

  Care is often dictated by insurance providers (forcing low quality tests and treatment plans).

  Initiation fees range from $5000 to $50,000 and annual fees range from $3000 to $25,000.

  Still a "down stream" model of care focused on symptoms without proper knowledge of
  how to address the "3 compounding factors". 

Then there’s what I call Performance Concierge Healthcare…


I can’t work with everyone…

Which is why this page may come down any second.

When it does, it will be because my schedule is fully booked.

And with how popular this summit has been this could happen any day now.

I just have to be realistic. I can’t work with everyone, and wanted to give you fore warning, if you chose to come back to this page at a later date, it might not be available. 

This is extremely time sensitive!

This Private High Performance Consultation Is Limited To Certain
Number Of People ONLY!


Bulletproof Executive RECOMMENDED Doctor


Designer Health Centers Received a Certification From The United Nations For Our Excellence In International Healthcare


Expert In Environmental & Biotoxic Removal


Expert In Performance Lifestyle Solutions


Expert In Optimizing Brain Function


Expert In Performance Nutrition


Coaches & Trains Doctors In Private Masterminds


                    Focus & Mental Clarity                          Peace & Happiness

                    Energy & Vitality                                    Strength & Tonality

                    Painlessness & Flexibility                      Rest & Rejuvenation

                    Disease Prevention & Reversal             Fat Loss & Increased Flow



This consultation has helped people with optimizing: 

This Translates Into: 

... Saving more time and looking younger while increasing your confidence and capabilities. 

... Having more QUALITY time on this earth to spend with your kids, grand kids and loved ones in good health! 




Bonus #1

This Document Will Give You The Best Practices For Getting Lean On The Go!

Learn the top 3 easiest strategies to help you burn fat around your midsection. 

Get the strategies that I implement to stay lean during the holidays and while traveling. 

Uncover the best way to eat after a workout to skyrocket the #1 anti-aging hormone. 

Bonus #2 (Men Only)

Learn From Dr. Jones' Wife How To Create Beautiful, Radiant Skin In Just 7 Days

Reveal the truth behind age-accelerating personal care products. 

Get the best solutions to transform your skin quick!

Learn the top non-toxic resources that will have your skin shouting for joy! 

Bonus #3 (Women Only)


This isn’t for everyone. To find out if you qualify to work with me answer the following questions:

#1.  Are you committed to infusing some high performance lifestyle strategies into your life?

#2.  Are you willing to get honest with where you’re at, whether you “feel fine” or not, and allow a professional health consultant help multiply your confidence and capabilities? (most people are happy being ignorant… I don’t want to work with those people)

#3.  Do you want to plug into the health system of the future? (most people think the yearly symptoms based check up while throwing random supplements down their goblet is enough… and that’s fine. I just don’t have time to work with them)

If you answered Yesto three of the above questions, I’d love to meet with you.  

You are far more valuable than ANY car. 

YOU are the BEST investment you could make!

You ARE worth it!

If you don't choose to invest in yourself now, then where will you be in three months from now? One year? Even five years? 

For half of the price of an unlocked iphone you could move one giant step closer to getting a NEW BODY! And when you look at the grand scheme of things… how much more valuable are you then a silly piece of metal and glass?

Invest in yourself now.


Imagine how much healthier we would be if we treated our bodies like we treat our cars...

We invest $100.00 here and $800.00 there on maintenance. If a light goes off on the dashboard you're pulling it into the mechanic’s.

But yet, we flinch when it comes to our health…


 Normally $497 now just $197 (Limited Spots Available)

NOTE: Please only click the button one time to avoid multiple charges. If you have any problems please contact support. 

 Normally $497 now just $197 (Limited Spots Available)

NOTE: Please only click the button one time to avoid multiple charges. If you have any problems please contact support. 

 Normally $497 now just $197 (Limited Spots Available)

NOTE: Please only click the button one time to avoid multiple charges. If you have any problems please contact support. 

 Normally $497 now just $197 (Limited Spots Available)

NOTE: Please only click the button one time to avoid multiple charges. If you have any problems please contact support. 

1.  Does insurance cover this? No. Insurance companies are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and the medical system. They wouldn’t recognize quality healthcare if it hit them between the eyes. One caveat to this is if you have a flex spending account, or health savings account, then this consultation is often times covered.

2.  Can this be a business expense? I’ve had clients that have classified this as a “wellness program” or “executive health consultation”. Their accountants have advised them that they can write this off as a business expense. However, because I’m not an expert in taxes I can’t offer any tax strategy advice. Check with your accountant before making any write off decisions.

3.  If I let you know that I was interested in lab testing, how much would it cost? This varies from person to person. Individual lab tests can cost as little as $40.00 and can move into the hundreds. You have to keep in mind, that if you do want me to talk about what is available for you, these lab tests are functional health labs from the most advanced, handpicked laboratories found in America.  

4.  What if I live in Canada, Australia, Asia, or Europe? No matter where you live in the world you can get a High Performance Health Consultation and even labs if you want. We’ve worked with people in the Middle East, Australia, Canada (where I’m originally from!) and Europe. 


If afterwards, you don't think that you received double the value that you invested into this high performance consultation, we will give 100% of your money back... no questions asked.

You are about to learn…

1. What is underlying disease, energy depletion, fat gain and decrease brain function. 

2. How to transform your health, energy, productivity, focus and flow state through High Performance Concierge Healthcare lead by Dr. Matt Accurso. 

3. The ONE most important decision leading executives and entrepreneurs make to get an unfair competative advantage in life (it's the ultimate insurance policy)